First Post

While there are many online resources available that advise entrepreneurs on how to move from the initial concept phase to raising funds and establishing a company, many of these resources focus predominantly on the tech industry. Yet a number of considerations, for example, regulatory and reimbursement issues, complicate the early-stage landscape for life-science and healthcare entrepreneurs, and it often takes more digging to find answers to these more nuanced questions. Additionally, websites that do focus on life-sci/healthcare topics are often geared for later-stage and more established companies.

I’ve developed this page for the early-stage teams I work with, and anyone else interested, to consolidate a sampling of available resources and develop new content based on my experiences in the field.

I will also include posts summarizing my own thoughts on healthcare innovation. The first few posts will include interviews with early-stage teams discussing tips/pitfalls of their specific spaces in healthcare.

Feel free to follow me here and or on Twitter, @MananShahMD, where I’ll also post some thoughts/interesting reads.

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